With current business and economical conditions we know that the most important part of the freight shipment is
the rate. We simply pick your cargo up and deliver the same way that the big cargo companies do. The difference
is the rates we offer. We are able to offer less for the  same service that big freight companies offer. Indeed we
will give you better service.
Gold Cup Logistics is committed to giving you the best value for your transportation dollar. We are very
confident that we will save you time and money on all your shipments. We understand the importance of delivering
freight to it's destination on time. Gold Cup Logistics is committed to providing the highest level of freight service.
We offer a wide range of delivery options. As an expert in domestic and international shipping, we understand the
needs of small and medium businesses. Let us Support Your Business by giving you reliable, affordable, on time
transportation service.
LTL - Less Than Truck Load:
Don't get lost in confusing LTL classifications and pricing structures. We will help you see your options clearly so
you can pick the best rate for your business. We'll simplify your load booking process and provide you with a
dedicated contact to coordinate all your LTL needs.
FTL - Full Truck Load:
Gold Cup Logistics offers a variety of services and options for your full truckload shipping so you can be certain you’
re getting the best solution to save you time and money. From intermodal availability to partial truckload solutions
you maybe sure that Gold Cup Logistics will help you manage all your freight needs and match the best solution.
Expedited / Air Shipment:
We offer expedited freight rates to help with your time-critical shipping needs. Because of the demands placed on
shippers in today’s just-in-time manufacturing environment, we have the ability to offer guaranteed expedited
Industry Solutions for Oversized or Project Cargo:
Our knowledge and experience in specific industries gives us an advantage in understanding the needs and
challenges your business faces. At Gold Cup Logistics there are no limits on the type of cargo traffic we can handle.
We have specialized roll-on/roll-off and crane services available for oversized machinery and vehicles. Whether you
want to move your factory or move your heavy machinery, we can provide the right solutions for your business. Our
project cargo team has over 10 years combined industry experience and will coordinate your shipment from the time
of booking to the time of delivery.
Solutions for Time-Critical Freight:
We can optimize solutions for every shipment, ranging from a one-time urgent shipment to a customized,
high-priority solution. We can quickly assess a critical situation, identify transportation alternatives, and implement a
delivery solution that meets your time and cost  requirements.
Letters of Credit:
Letters of credit are often used in international transactions to ensure that payment will be received. Due to the nature
of international dealings the use of letters of credit has become a very important aspect of international trade. The
bank also acts on behalf of the buyer (holder of letter of credit) by ensuring that the supplier will not be paid until the
bank receives a confirmation that the goods have been shipped.
FCL - Full Container Load:
containers. This will ensure the safety of your goods. This is also commercially more viable than any other form of
shipping when it comes to such goods.
LCL - Less Than Container Load
When you don't have enough cargo to fill an ocean freight container, Gold Cup Logistics offers LCL service between
major ports worldwide. Frequent sailings, fast transit times, competitive pricing. LCL keeps goods moving in your
supply chain because you can ship them as soon as they are ready rather than waiting until you have a full container.
No matter you import or export cargo from USA, LCL can drastically decrease shipping cost.
Export Import Consultancy Services
We offer export marketing and consultancy services to American  as well as foreign companies to find matching
partners for contract outsourced manufacturing in various sectors like Auto components, Dies and Mould, Food &
Food Products, Castings & Forgings, Chemicals, OEMs, Engineering and others. We have also help foreign
companies to enter into American Market by carrying out Demand Potential Study & helping them making logistics
and distribution arrangements.
-lower your freight costs guaranteed,
-save you time and efforts.
-do market research and
-find you business partners for export / import

Try us to see the difference.